529 Garage Bike Shop Edition

Protect your customers' bikes

Registering a bike greatly improves the chances of getting the bike back after a theft. Our 529 Garage registration kits are a great add on item for all bike sales.

Verify Used Bike Purchases

Does your shop buy used bikes?
Run them through our services to check for stolen bike alerts to make sure that they are legitimate.

Register Your Rentals

Does your shop rent bikes?
Protect your rental fleet by registering the bikes with us!

POS Integration

Automatically register your customer's bikes on checkout!
We support Lightspeed POS to make registering a bike as easy as just a couple of clicks.

Pre-register Your Inventory

Grab all the details about the bikes in your inventory easily with our app, and transfer the registration to the new owner with just their email address on purchase. Having your inventory registered not only helps safeguard your shop's bikes, but may help you get a discount on your insurance.