Bike Registration Basics

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How do I register a bike

Just go to and click on the Register Your Bike button.

You’ll be asked to add the details for your bike, such as the serial number, manufacturer, model, and color. You can also add photos of your bike. The more information you can add, the better.

Where do I find my bike’s serial number?

The vast majority of bikes will put the serial number under the bottom bracket. You’ll need to flip the bike over to look for it.

The serial number will be embossed in the frame in most cases, but there may be a sticker as well. You might want a flashlight to help you read the embossment.

Finding Your Serial Number

What if it’s not there?

There are less common but still frequently used areas to check for a serial number. They are:

A: On the down tube just above the cranks

B: On the rear stays, which hold your rear wheel

C: On top of the crank

D: Under your top tube

E: On the headset

Photo of common serial number locations

And if you still can find one, don’t fret. Some super custom bikes just don’t have one. You may type in NONE in the serial number field and we won’t bother you about it.

This was one contributing factor as to why we developed our shields. You may see about ordering one of those here.

Is this the serial number?

Bike serial numbers aren’t standardized across the industry (or even, often, within a company), but there are a few tips we’ve found that might help you if you see multiple numbers that could be serial numbers.

  • If it starts with EN (such as EN 14766) , it’s most likely the bike’s part number, and not the serial number. If you set your serial number to one of the numbers we suspect to be a part number, we’ll flag it for you.
  • If you have a Specialized bike, there’s a good chance that the serial number will start with WSBC.
  • If you have a Trek bike, there’s a good chance that the serial number will start with WTU.
  • Did you get a receipt with your bike? Bike shops often print the serial number on the receipt.

What if my bike doesn’t have a serial number?

Unfortunately, some bikes simply don’t have serial numbers, so just leave the serial number field blank and keep on going. Just make sure you enter as much information as you possibly can about your bike.

You should also consider adding a 529 Shield to your bike to deter theft and aid in recovery. To order a Shield, click here.

My bike make/model is not listed in the drop down menu, what should I do?

We have a pretty extensive list, so double check your spelling. But, if it really is a bike make or model we don’t have, just type it in and we’ll save it (and even add it to our database so that other riders can use it, too.)

What if I don’t know the make/model/year?

Your bike make and model are typically painted onto your bike, or sometimes on a sticker on the bottom of the frame. But, if you can’t tell or the markings have been painted over, you can leave them blank.

Do I need a 529 Shield to register my bike?

No, you don’t have to buy a 529 Shield for your bike in order to use our service. Our service is completely free to use. We wanted to make sure that bike protection could be accessible for all.

However, if you would like to add another layer of theft deterrence and a unique identifier to make it easy to lookup your trusty steed in the event it is stolen and recovered - then please be our guest!

Shields are available through some participating partner agencies and local bike shops. Find a partner near you.

Or purchase online on, or

Why do I need a photo of my receipt?

In addition to the serial number (which you might actually find on your receipt), your receipt can help act as proof of ownership with local law enforcement. It’s also useful if you need to submit a claim to your insurance company. If you don’t have one, don’t worry, just leave this part blank, but keep in mind to save the receipt from any future bike purchase.

What is the “Look For” photo?

The Look-For photo is a close-up showing any detail on your bike that makes it easy to pick out quickly in a crowd, just like a ribbon tied onto your black suitcase that makes identification a snap.

Do you have special bar tape or stickers? Does your bike have a custom seat?

If you don’t have anything easily identifiable, consider adding something like stickers or replacing the bar tape. You can always add photos of it later by clicking on your bike in Your Garage.

Why do I need to add my bike value?

Every bike is important, but local law enforcement will take more of an interest if your bike is worth more than $1,000, which makes it a felony. Also note, this information won’t be made public if you send out a missing bike report.

What if I don’t know the value?

That’s OK. You can do a search for similar bikes on to find out approximate bike values.

Is there a limit to how many bikes I may register?

Nope, register away. You may register as many bikes as you own. And it’s free!

I don't want my bikes registered anymore.

No problem. Just log into your account, and you can delete your account in your user settings. Or, just contat us at and we can help you out.