529 Garage Campus Edition

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  • Universal

  • Search 995,543 registered bicycles
    We search our own registry, and our search partners including Operation Hands Off, Bike Index, SF Safe Bikes, as well as our university and bike shop partners
  • Find bicycles by serial number, make, model, color, location and more

    Our searches are geo-targeted, and use advanced homoglyph substitutions to correct for common data entry errors.
  • Printable hotsheets for recently reported missing bicycles
  • Print-ready bicycle security brochures and posters
  • One verified staff account
  • Free

  • Branded

  • All Universal Search features
  • Hosted & customizable bicycle registry

    We'll host a branded registration site for you, no programming required! See one of our partner site's for an example.
  • Discounted bulk shield prices
  • Make your local, past registrations searchable

    Do you have bike registrations on an antiquated system? Our proxy registration service makes those bicycles searchable... without compromising the privacy of your registrants.
  • Watchdog alerts for local thefts & tips from the community
  • Print-ready and customizable bicycle security collateral
  • Five Role-based staff accounts
  • $1,000 USD/year
    Free 30-day Trial

  • Community

  • All Universal Search & Branded Registry features
  • Discounted bulk shield prices
  • Daily automated searches for property room bicycles

    Just add bicycles that end up in your property room once, and we'll search our site for matching bikes for you each day, and email you potential matches. And, if it's returned to the user, you can automatically register it to them on release.
  • Publish found bicycles to our search tools and to social media

    If no owner is found for a bike, just click Publish, and we'll post a searchable Bike Found poster to our site, and to popular social media, and let bike owners do the matching for you. Our service filters inquiries to ensure that all required information (such as a police report case # or serial number) is completed, minimizing false alarms that might burden your department.
  • Collateral customization
  • Unlimited role-based staff accounts
  • Priority support & concierge setup
  • $5,000 USD/year
    Free 30-day Trial

  • Coming in 2019

    Campus Management

  • All Universal Search, Branded Registry and Community Policing features
  • Single Sign On

    Support for Shibboleth, so students can securely log in with their University credentials.
  • T2 Integration

  • Campus Security native iOS and Android app

    Look up and notify bike owners by quickly scanning their 529 Shield
  • On Site Consulting

All plans include

Native iOS & Android registration apps with offline registration
Integrated video training
Secure hosting
End-user customer support
99.99% uptime
24x7 access
Email support

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