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What’s a Shield and how do I get one?

A shield is an optional, tamper-resistant/weather-resistant* decal that has a unique, seven character ID code which adds an extra identifier and layer of protection for your bike. The shield sends a warning to bike thieves to back off because there will be a whole community of people who get notified if it ever goes missing.

In the event of a theft and law enforcement or an unknowing buyer finds a shield on your bike, they’ll be able to look your bike up on the 529 Garage and quickly get your bike back to you.

Shields are available for purchase through some participating partner agencies and local bike shops. Find a partner near you.

Or purchase online at or

*Tamper-resistant means that once your shield is placed, it is very difficult not only to remove, but difficult to remove without leaving obvious signs of tampering. Weather-resistant means that the shield will stand up to the wear and tear of environmental elements.