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Keep your bikes safe in the 529 Garage, the community-based bike registration and recovery service.

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Saving Bikes Together

National Bike Registry and the 529 Garage have joined forces to fight bike theft, creating the largest and most advanced online bike registry in North America.

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Our Story

Bike theft in North America is big business. It operates in every city and generates half a billion dollars in revenue a year. It's technically saavy, taking advantage of unregulated online marketplaces that make it easy, painless and low risk to make a quick profit on stolen goods.

We think bike owners deserve better.If bike thieves are using technology to make a profit on our bikes, we must turn the tables and use technology to make our bikes safer. That's why we created the 529 Garage.

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Protecting bikes for the whole community

Bike theft isn't only a problem for bike owners. Bike theft creates challenges for schools, city and law enforcement property rooms, bike shops and property managers. We all want our bikes to be safer. Let us show you how we can help.