About Us

Bike theft in North America is big business. It operates in every city and generates half a billion dollars in revenue a year. It's technically saavy, taking advantage of unregulated online marketplaces that make it easy, painless and low risk to make a quick profit on stolen goods.

We think bike owners deserve better. If bike thieves are using technology to make a profit on our bikes, we can turn the tables and use technology to make our bikes safer. That's why we created the 529 Garage.

We are a small team that loves to build, so we've built web and mobile tools for bike owners, university campuses, law enforcement agencies and cities to help them manage their bikes. We believe when a community comes together and uses these tools, it can make a real difference in the fight against bike theft.

As victims of bike theft ourselves, we're a purpose-driven, not profit-driven, company. We're working to create a sustainable business that helps reduce bike theft, promote cycling, and make cities and campuses more bike friendly. We are self-funded and driven by our passion at solving this problem. We focus on helping communities, and not what an IPO would look like.

Our goal is to inspire bike owners to get out and ride their bikes, knowing that they are prepared to do everything they can to prevent theft, and that their community is making it incredibly hard for bike theives to make a profit stealing bikes.

Join us and protect your bike by registering it, and being a part of our cycling community in your neighborhood.