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Bait Bikes Deployed in Richmond

To better get a handle on bike thieves, Richmond RCMP is deploying bait bikes alongside cutting-edge bike registration and recovery from Project 529.

Granville Island Sees Massive drop in bike Thefts

Vancouver’s premier destination for bike thieves is experiencing a remarkable turnaround. Bike valet service, bait bike program and other efforts contribute to 70 per cent drop in thefts over two-year period

Bike Thefts Down 30 per cent as Project 529 Reaches 22,000 Registrations in Vancouver

Project 529 is a bike registry and recovery program by the Vancouver Police Department which has helped reduce bike theft by 30 percent. Connell said police had seen and noted someone riding the bike in the Downtown Eastside. Police were able to track the bike to Coquitlam and then drop it off to the clinic where he works as a chiropractor in New Westminster.

'Bike theft is not inevitable': Vancouver rolls out a cycle crime revolution

Bike theft is the scourge of cyclists around the world, with riders, manufacturers and the law struggling to coordinate a response. That was until city cop Rob Brunt and Xbox pioneer J Allard devised Project 529.

Anti-Bike Theft Program Returns to Prince George

Since the App was introduced in 2016, numbers have been steadily decreasing. Registering with 529 Garage takes about five minutes and owners are asked to provide essential bike information including ownership details, serial number and photos.

Bike theft in Vancouver drops 30% thanks to new app. Will other Canadian cities catch on?

Vancouver used to be the worst city in Canada to get your bike stolen. But a new anti-theft initiative for cyclists may have changed that. A bike registration app, called Project 529 Garage is taking Vancouver by storm and has now spread to 26 communities across British Columbia, helping decrease bike theft across the province.

The app helping BC police recover stolen bikes

Several years ago, J Allard, Microsoft's former Chief Experience Officer and an avid mountain biker, was gearing up for a trip to Whistler for Crankworx when his custom bike was taken from a secure parking garage at the Seattle high-rise he was living in at the time. With his vacation "ruined," Allard had some time on his hands and sprang into action. He posted dozens of flyers around town and galvanized his extensive network of friends and cycling enthusiasts to keep an eye out for his missing bike. It worked; within six weeks, he had it back.

Nanaimo RCMP promote registration with 529 Garage during Bike to Work and School Week

According to Nanaimo RCMP, most of the bikes that were stolen had cable locks that were cut or had simply been left unlocked. Those were just the bikes that were reported stolen. Often bike thefts go unreported; police know bike theft victims are less likely to report bikes stolen if they can’t provide police descriptive details about their bikes, such as the make, model, serial number and colour, which can help investigators return stolen bikes to their owners when they are found.

UO asks students to use 529 Garage app to report bike thefts

Year after year, bike thefts prove to be the number one crime problem on the University of Oregon campus. To fight back, campus leaders are spreading the word about a bike registration app. The program puts the bike thieves on watch and empowers bicycle owners on campus. Those are the two goals of the 529 Garage program. It takes high-tech bike registration to a new level.

The Ultimate Guide to Ensuring That Your Bike Never Gets Stolen Again

For a nominal fee, Project 529 sells a small sticker that owners place on their bikes to ward off thieves who might recognize that the bike is registered with an anti-theft organization. Currently, Allard and Project 529 work closely with both the police department and bike stores in Vancouver, British Columbia, where, for the first time in a decade, the number of stolen bikes has declined by 20 percent.

Nanaimo woman gets her stolen bike back, thanks to smartphone app

A Nanaimo woman whose mountain bike was stolen during a trip to Kelowna last year has been reunited with her two-wheeler — with help from a smartphone app. Kathy Gonzales was contacted by police after listing her bike on 529 Garage, a website and phone app that allows cyclists to register details and photos of their bikes.

The Group Ride Podcast Episode 3

J Allard from Project 529 joins the show to chat about their service which helps recover stolen bikes. Then I continue with Chapter 2 of my cycling story, followed by a recap of how Zwift can change the way you think about indoor training. Next then we recap Chilly Hilly rides from the past for those considering riding this year.

Bike registry services merge as Project 529 buys National Bike Registry

The online bike registry platform Project 529 has acquired the National Bike Registry and is integrating the two programs, which have nearly 400,000 bikes in their combined registries. The company said the merger will give law enforcement, universities, cyclists and independent bicycle dealers tools to recover and return stolen bikes.

Outspoken Cyclist - Show #396

We talk with J. Allard from Project 529. In our conversation, J. goes into detail about what happens when your bike goes missing and how, with the help of his free app 529Garage, you can add your bike to the registry and get help from the vast community of law enforcement as well as other riders if your bike is stolen.

New 529 Garage project hopes to decrease bike thefts in Vancouver

More than 2,000 bicycles are reported stolen every year in Vancouver and a new project is looking to make a dent in that number. Vancouver Police, the Vancouver Police Foundation and the City of Vancouver are partnering with Project 529; which developed a Vancouver bike registry called the 529 Garage.

Bike Stolen? There's an App for That

But now, there's an app for that. Here at Project 529 we aim to put the brakes on the stolen bike market through an innovative registration and recovery service called the 529 Garage. Although it won't prevent your bike from being stolen, the 529 Garage allows riders to record the information necessary to file thorough and quick police reports and insurance claims in the event of theft. It also plugs you into an extensive network of like minds and kindred spirits—people who ride and who can't stand bike thieves.

Project 529 Debuts Anti-Bike Theft App at Sea Otter

One company making its debut at Sea Otter was Project 529, a software and Smartphone app development startup founded by J Allard, a former software engineer for Microsoft. The company’s first product is an app called 529 Garage, a free service that aims to quell bicycle thievery.

529 Garage Bike Registry

Developed in conjunction with several law enforcement agencies, the 529 Garage allows you to easily and securely register your bike in just minutes, complete with images and all the necessary details law enforcement requires to expedite the recovery process. Beyond this detailed registration, the 529 Garage includes the ability to broadcast a “Missing Bike Bulletin” to all members in the area should a member’s bike get stolen.

Granville Island bike thefts Plummet by 70%

The number of bike thefts at Granville Island have fallen by 70% over the last two years. According to Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, the federal crown corporation that manages the arts hub and tourist attraction, new initiatives designed to reduce bike thefts since 2016 have resulted in a steep reduction of reported bike thefts over the busy summer months.

Bike theft on Granville Island reduced dramatically thanks to community efforts

The flip side to the popularity of Granville Island, a globally-renowned entertainment and tourism destination on the waters of Vancouver’s False Creek, is that such popularity isn’t lost on thieves, either—particularly bike thieves. According to Metro News, however, that’s happily not the case in 2017. From 120 bikes stolen in 2015 to fewer than 40 this year.

Someone’s Stolen Your Bike. Hope You’ve Done This to help Police get it Back

The 529 Garage program allows police to use its app to pull up a picture of the bicycle and its owner, along with the serial number and contact information for the owner, regardless of whether it’s been reported stolen. “I think we could make more arrests and recover more bikes with that tool for sure, with the ultimate goal being deterring future bike theft,” Johnson said.

Oceanside RCMP Register Bikes to Deter Thieves

The local detachment is now partnering with Oceanside Community Safety volunteers to help bicycle owners protect their property by encouraging owners to register their bikes. It will take only five minutes and it will help your protect owners’ bicycles from theft. A 529 Garage decal will be provided and will serve as a deterrent against thieves, RCMP say, as they would know the bicycle is listed in the bike registry.

Life gets tougher for bike thieves in Delta, B.C.

Delta B.C. is the latest municipality in the province to team up with a smartphone app designed to help police identify and recover stolen bicycles. On Saturday, the Delta Police Department launched its partnership with 529 Garage — a bike reporting and recovery network.

Bike Theft on the Rise in Venice

“The arrests we have made are because the bikes were extremely unique, extremely valuable and the victims had pictures and were very vigilant in giving us the information,” Detective Goddard said. “It is really hard to try to recover these bikes if you do not have that information.”

Parksville Qualicum Beach residents can register bikes

Oceanside Community Safety Volunteers and the Oceanside RCMP are once again offering free bicycle registrations using the 529 Garage application. The 529 Garage is a free bicycle registration, reporting and recovery service application. The registration helps bicycle owners capture detailed information about their bicycles, and then secures the information.

Kamloops Embracing Bike to Work and School Week

As part of the Bike to Work Week celebration stations, the RCMP is out, helping people protect their bikes with the 529 Garage app.

Put Your Bike on Lockdown

As Bike to Work Week continues, riders are encouraged to register their rides with Project 529 Garage. The good news is, bike theft in Kelowna is down by 26.8 per cent so far this year compared to a few years ago.

Bike thefts are down in Kelowna this year

Bike thefts are down, but the City of Kelowna is still encouraging cyclists to take extra measures to keep their property safe. There have been 115 bikes reported stolen in Kelowna since the start of the calendar year, down 26.8% from the 157 reported stolen in the same period of 2015.

Bike theft prevention pilot program coming to north campus

The University of Alberta is partnering with the city to launch a new bike theft prevention pilot program that, if successful, could eventually roll onto other Edmonton streets. The university and Edmonton’s Neighbourhood Empowerment Team today launched U-Cycle, which promotes cycling to and from campus. The program also takes aim at bike thefts by promoting good locking practices and registering bikes through Project 529 Garage—the largest online bike registry in North America.

Register your bike with app to get it back wheelie fast if stolen

Bike thefts at the University of Alberta have more than doubled in the past four years, from 29 in 2012 to 72 in 2016. That’s why Marciniuk and other city staff spent Tuesday on campus trying to convince students to lock their bikes and register them with Project 529 Garage, an app to help reunite cyclists with their stolen ride.

University of Alberta launches bike theft prevention program


Online registry hopes to reunite owners with their stolen bikes

Bicycle theft is a big problem on the University of Alberta campus. Over the last four years, protective services has seen a 248-per cent spike in bike thefts on north campus. So far in 2017, 16 bicycles have been reported stolen.

Ending bike theft

Penticton RCMP officers and volunteers shared information and registered bikes at the kick off for a new anti bike theft program Saturday in Penticton.