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Denver’s bike registry program helping lower number of thefts

Denver's bicycle registry program seems to be working. New data shows thefts are down 30% in 2024 compared to this time last year.

B.C. puts brakes on bike thefts with bicycle registration system

A Vancouver-based program to combat bike theft is being expanded provincewide.


Project 529, with funding support from the Province of BC, is now available to all law enforcement agencies throughout British Columbia. Originally piloted with the Vancouver Police Department and now having expanded worldwide, the homegrown initiative has become the world’s most successful program to fight bike theft.

New online tool to combat bicycle theft

East Auckland cyclists will be pleased to hear that what’s described as the world’s most successful programme to fight bike theft is now available in New Zealand.

Briefing Room: Preventing bicycle thefts

Bicycle theft is a prevalent issue that tends to spike as more people ride bikes in warmer weather. We want to ensure that everyone takes the necessary steps to secure their bikes and prevent theft.

Bike anti-theft project available here

Access to one of the world’s most successful programme to fight bike theft (including e-bikes), 529 Garage, is now available to every police department in New Zealand.

Turning the tide on bicycle theft

Today marks a significant stride in the battle against bicycle theft as global tech company Two Three Bird, an innovator in the micro-mobility sector, announces its acquisition of Project 529. T

How and where to avoid campus bike theft


Police recover over $70,000 worth of stolen bikes in ByWard Market

The Ottawa Police Service has recovered 56 stolen bikes from the ByWard Market area, valued at approximately $71,050.

California Police Join Growing Online Bike Registry


Can Bike Registries Help Police Solve More Thefts?


What would a systematic response to bike thievery look like?


Your questions about bike theft answered by a bike detective


Bike returned thanks to 529 Garage


Christchurch cyclists quick to sign-up for anti-theft register


Beat the Bike Thieves; Love it, Lock it, Log it


Mitigating Bike Theft in Vancouver with Project 529

Project 529 has helped reduce the bike theft epidemic in Vancouver by more than 40%.

Meet Canada’s only full-time bike theft detective

Vancouver has finally put a dent in its long-running bike theft epidemic. All it took was one dedicated officer.

New app to deter bicycle theft now available in Kingston

Bicycle owners in the Kingston area now have a way to register their bicycles, increasing the likelihood of stolen bicycles being returned to their rightful owners.

There’s a proven way to stop bike theft. So why are so few cities doing it?

Bike theft negatively impacts 'Bike Friendliness' in cities all over the world. Tom Babin explores the Project 529 solution to the problem in his new short film.

SABA and Project 529 National Bike Registry are working together to reduce bicycle thefts in Sacramento.

529 harnesses the power of the cycling community by alerting local law enforcement and the entire 529 community of your stolen bicycle.

I got my stolen bike back. In Toronto, most others aren’t so lucky

Councillor Wong-Tam is urging Toronto to follow the lead of Vancouver, Windsor and other cities by partnering with 529 Garage, a free app-based registration system that sends out stolen-bike alerts.

A bike stolen in Manitoba resurfaced in B.C. It's more common than you think

Bicycles can be moved between cities within hours of being stolen, says Canada's only bike detective.

$45,000 in stolen bikes recovered in Vancouver; police hoping to return them to owners

Police in Vancouver are hoping to return more than two dozen stolen bikes to their owners, which together value about $45,000.

The SPVG acquires a new tool to counter bicycle theft

The Gatineau Police Department (SPVG) joined the Garage 529 platform on Tuesday, which allows you to send alerts about stolen bikes.

Vancouver police bust nets $45K in stolen bikes

Police say the incident is a good reminder to always use a high-quality bike lock, to record your bike’s serial number, and to register it with Project529.

Local community bike watch helps return stolen bicycle

529 Garage, a local community bike watch helped return a stolen bike to its rightful owner in Windsor.

Victoria police adopt new method for registering bicycles

The 529 Garage bicycle-security system used by police across Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland is prompting the Victoria Police Department to phase out its bike-registry program by the end of the month.

Don’t let organized crime steal your bike this summer

With funding from the Vancouver Police Foundation, Detective Rob Brunt, a bike theft specialist with the Vancouver Police Department, established a partnership with Project 529 in 2015, resulting in a 40% drop in bike thefts in Vancouver.


There are many benefits of registering your bike through Project 529, including: Deterring thieves by utilizing the Project 529 sticker — stickers are given to bike owners upon registration and are placed in a visible location on the bike; and communication with other registry platforms in the area — if your bike is stolen and relocated to another community, it can be traced back to Corvallis.

Keep your cycle safe

Vernon cycling enthusiast is encouraging people to register their bikes with 529 Garage

529 Garage app could help reduce number of bikes stolen in Oakville, Burlington and Milton

With over two million bicycles stolen in North America every year, Halton Regional Police have partnered with 529 Garage to introduce the registration app and help put a dent in this epidemic.

Stolen bike in Moncton? There's a new app for that

Cyclists in the Greater Moncton Area now have a new tool to help protect their bike from thieves.

Codiac RCMP has found a new way to help crackdown on bicycle theft.

Codiac Regional RCMP are the first police service in the Atlantic region to partner with 529 Garage.

Codiac Regional RCMP partners with 529 Garage to fight bicycle theft

Codiac Regional RCMP is the first police service in the Atlantic region to partner with 529 Garage.

Halton Regional Police partners with 529 Garage

The Halton Regional Police Service partnered with 529 Garage, a Community Watch Program for your bike. The launch of this partnership aims to reduce bike theft in the region. This program is another step being taken by the Halton Regional Police Service to ensure the Region of Halton continues to be one of the safest communities in Ontario.

Stolen bikes found in Vancouver returned to Burnaby 11-year-old and Edmonton man

Thanks to the sharp eyes of some Vancouver police officers, two bicycles found in Downtown Vancouver will be returned to their rightful owners.

Project Handlebar – Ottawa's frontline officers recovering stolen bikes

Last fall’s Project Hot Wheels saw the recovery of more than 44 bicycles, with an estimated value of $30,000, but that was just the start for Constables Samson Vo, Richard Zulys and Ryan Cuthbert of D Platoon. On top of their regular patrol duties, these officers launched a second campaign this winter, Project Handlebar, that has to date recovered another 72 bikes with a value of about $70,000 – 54 of those bikes already returned to their owners.

SPVM partners with Garage 529 database to help prevent bike thefts

The SPVM has linked up with Garage 529, a continent-wide database for cyclists to register and report stolen bikes.

SPVM joins Garage 529 to fight bicycle theft in Montreal

Montreal cyclists can now protect their bikes by registering it on Garage 529, the best bike theft prevention platform available to date.

Here’s how to keep your bike from being stolen

Montreal's a supremely bicycle-friendly town, but it's also bicycle thievery-friendly — if you want to keep your wheels, read this.

The Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) became the first police force in the province to join the app's network this week.

The Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) became the first police force in the province of Quebec to join the app's network this week.

Montreal police, Vélo Québec call on cyclists to download app aimed at preventing bike thefts

Montreal police are encouraging cyclists to download an anti-theft app this summer, following the lead of other Canadian cities.

Bike theft: technology to protect cyclists

Hoping to tackle the phenomenon of bicycle theft in the metropolis, Montreal this week turned to the Garage 529 application in several Canadian cities.

Hermosa Beach police target bike thefts with initiative

The HBPD is partnering with Project 529, developers of a registration, reporting and recovery network called the 529 Garage, to launch the Hermosa Beach Bike Registry.

Bike registration program aims to curb HBPD stolen bike auctions

This week, the Hermosa police announced Project 532, a program designed to help the department return stolen bikes they recover to their owners. Bike owners can participate in the program by registering their bikes on the city’s website (HermosaBeach.gov) or through the Project 529 Garage app.

Redcliff RCMP sign on to ‘community watch for your bike’

Police hope would-be bike thieves will be deterred just by knowing that Project 529 is in Redcliff.

Victoria police ask people to register bikes with new app

Cyclists who have their bikes registered with the Victoria Police Department have until this summer to switch over to the 529 Garage national bike registry program.

Victoria residents can now register their bikes through new police app

Victoria residents can now register their bikes through new police app, 529 Garage.

VicPD transitions bicycle registry to Project 529 Garage app

VicPD is transitioning out of its volunteer bicycle registry in favour of adopting the Project 529 platform.

Bike thefts down 40% in Vancouver since 2015

Since 2015, bike thefts have dropped almost 40 per cent. Brunt says a large part of that has to do with the introduction of a program called Project 529, where cyclists can register their bike's serial number.

‘I knew right away that that was the bike’: B.C. man helps track down stolen ride on transit bus

The Vancouver Police Department said it’s seen a decrease in bike thefts compared to last year. The number of bicycles reported stolen last May and June was down 42 per cent over the same time in 2019.

Cycling-friendly cities scramble to combat rising bike thefts

Stealing a bike is often incredibly easy — and is often a crime of opportunity.

Campus bicycle culture encouraged by programs, resources

Sarthak Prasad, Sustainable Transport Assistant at University Facilities and Services, said that this system was chosen since it would benefit students even after they graduated.

Bike thefts down 36 percent in Red Deer

Bike thefts are down 36 percent in Red Deer from January to August compared with 2019

Man arrested after alleged bike 'chop shop' bust in East Vancouver

Police were alerted of possible stolen bikes on Craigslist after a civilian researched a bike on Project 529.

Ottawa Police Service says the 529 Garage program boosted the recovery rate of stolen bicycles in Ottawa by 30 per cent this year.

Ottawa police encourage residents to register their bicycles through the 529 Garage project, which will help investigators identify your bicycle and return it to you if it is stolen.

'Community-powered' system reunites Londoner with long-gone bike

Police are crediting an anti-theft app after a bicycle stolen from downtown London this summer was tracked down – 3,000 kilometres away.

'Hot Wheels' initiative and the 529 Garage program boosted the recovery rate of stolen bicycles in Ottawa by 30 per cent this year

City police 'Hot Wheels' unit shuts down five bike 'chop shops,' return dozens of stolen bicycles

Bike thefts are increasing in Canada: Here's what you can do to protect your bike

Project 529 is working to reduce the number of stolen bikes in North America.

Bike Thefts Are on the Rise. Here’s How to Fight Back

New stats show bike theft is a billion-dollar problem - and Project 529 wants to solve it.

Police turning to social media and 529 Garage to track down stolen bikes

Statistics tabulated by Ottawa police since the official launch of Project 529 reveal that of the 154 bikes reported stolen on the app, police were able to reunite 61 with their owners. That's a 39 per cent success rate.

Bike thefts continue to plague Moab area

Project 529 will be heavily utilized by the Moab City Police Department in tracking and documenting bicycles stolen in the area.

Bike thefts spike across U.S. as cycling becomes more popular

J Allard of Project 529 urges cyclists to take a few different steps to prevent theft.

Bike Thefts Are Up 27% in Pandemic N.Y.C.

As more people are buying bikes, more bikes are being swiped from sidewalks, garages and basements. Locks are not always a deterrent.

Police putting brakes on bike thefts in Guelph with help of app

Police in Guelph are using the 529 Garage program to help deter bike thefts in the city.

Prince George RCMP, Nechako Rotary teaming up for 529 Garage Great Big Bike Registry

Mounties in Prince George and local Rotarians are working together to help deter bike theft in the city.

Delta Police Department re-launches Garage 529 bike program

In the past few weeks, DPD has re-launched Garage 529, which was put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This is a free service offered by Delta police where residents can have their bike registered.

Nanaimo RCMP say increase in cycling opens up potential for more bike thefts

Police advise cyclists register their bikes with 529 Garage

New Bike Registration Program at University of Illinois

This semester, the UIUC campus transitioned the existing bicycle registration process to Project 529`s national database system called 529 Garage.

London police call first bicycle registry a ‘success’; two bikes recovered in one weekend

London’s first-ever bike registry has seen great success in the months following its launch, and has reunited five missing bicycles with their owners.

Whistler man sets up sting for West Van police

The West Vancouver Police Department is a member of Project 529 – a database where people can register their bikes so they are easier to track down and return to their rightful owner if they are recovered as stolen property.

More than 200 bikes registered with 529 Garage over the weekend

Volunteers from the Prince George Nechako Rotary Club and the Prince George RCMP came together to try and encourage cyclists to register their bikes with 529 Garage, a bike registry and recovery system with the goal of deterring bike theft.

Police recover 30 stolen bicycles at area 'chop shops'

Police said only one of the 30 bicycles had been registered as stolen, with its serial number, and it was immediately returned to its owner.

Baton Rouge Police Department partners with Project 529 to help recover stolen bikes

LaFont says finding the rightful owner to a bike after it’s lost or stolen was nearly impossible under the Baton Rouge Police Department’s old process. Now the department is pushing a new, free system people can find in the palm of their hands.

WashU in St. Louis Now Offers Free Bike Registration through Project 529

One way WashU has recently reinforced its commitment to supporting bicycling is by rolling out a new bike registration program, through the 529 Garage, the industry’s first mobile-based bicycle registration system designed for college campuses.

City of Missoula using app to locate stolen bikes

The City of Missoula is launching a new registration program to help cut down on one of the town’s biggest complaints-stolen bikes.

Missoula launches new bike registration program

The City of Missoula’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Office, has announced the launch of Project 529 Bicycle Registry in Missoula.

Police in Canada's capital city use Project 529 as their official bike registration partner

Last year, the city of Ottawa began a partnership with 529 Garage, an app service that allows users to register their bike using its serial number and by uploading photos, allowing stolen bikes to be tracked down more easily.

Inside an ex-Microsoft wunderkind's Canadian crusade to save your bike

J Allard, tech guru, former Microsoft mega-star and creator of the Xbox, wants your bike. Not to steal it, but to protect it from thieves

Hugs and smiles all around after stolen bike recovered

This a great story with an even better ending. Were not sure who was happier; Cst. Long or Cameryn. Either way, it was a win-win for both and another reminder of the importance of taking 5 minutes out of your day and registering your bikes at Project 529, said Constable Gary O’Brien of the Nanaimo RCMP.

Vancouver police uncover massive bike theft ring near Oppenheimer Park

The sheer magnitude of theft is on a scale never before seen by a police officer with 20 years’ experience. About 150 bikes were displayed by Vancouver police Wednesday morning, the net result of one bust made near Oppenheimer Park in late August.

Project 529 bike registry system launches in Regina to combat bike theft

“It’s insane. Especially at the beginning of spring and then usually towards the end of summer, it’s like we get a call almost once a day where people lost their bikes and want to see if we have the serial number on file.”

Bicycles are becoming a form of currency as thefts continue to rise: RCMP

Bicycles are becoming a form of currency, resulting in increasing instances of theft throughout the South Okanagan.

Regina police rolling out new tactic to prevent bike thefts

The Regina Police Service is tackling what it calls the rampant bike theft issue in the city through a new partnership with project529, an online registry and community aiming to lower bike theft statistics.

Stolen bikes 'easy currency'

“Those are a result of our members stopping people, engaging with some of those people and running serial numbers. Or they are found on the side of the road. So it's not like we can’t recover them, but we can’t link them back to a person because the serial number just isn’t registered”

Every 30 Seconds, One Bike Is Stolen. Here’s How to Fight Back

New stats show bike theft is a billion-dollar problem -- and Project 529 wants to solve it.

New Research Claims 2 Million Bikes Are Stolen in North America Every Year

Project 529 claims that 2 million bikes are stolen across North America every year. That works out at roughly 4 every minute or one every 15 seconds. They also claim this figure has doubled since the turn of the millennium.

Bicycle theft surpasses 2 million a year in the USA

Cycling advocacy and registration programme 529 has worked in tandem with police, universities and bike shops to create a database from which it has reached these figures. The database, founded by former Microsoft executive J Allard, is said to be the largest of its kind in the world.

Bike theft prevention program expands into Vernon

Bike thefts in the North Okanagan may become trickier for would-be criminals due in large part to a new partnership. The Vernon North Okanagan RCMP is partnering with Project 529 to use 529 Garage, as part of its bike theft prevention program.

Vernon-North Okanagan RCMP launch bike theft prevention program

The Vernon-North Okanagan RCMP is one of many RCMP detachments and municipal police departments in B.C. that has partnered with Project 529 to use their product, 529 Garage, as part of its bike theft prevention program.

Bike registry arrives in Red Deer

Combating bike theft with registry

Guelph Police caution against vigilantism during bike theft forum

If a bike’s serial number is registered through the 529 Garage program, a bike registering service that Guelph Police has partnered with, police are able to return a stolen bike sometimes even before the owner knows it’s missing, said Roszell.

529 Garage bike registry program gets new sponsor and more retailers where shield is available

The theft of bikes will be minimized with the donation of 1,000 project protected shields from Safer Roads Ottawa (SRO) who have joined the Ottawa Police Services (OPS) as a new sponsor.

Ottawa police launch app to help people register bikes and report bike theft

Ottawa is among the first cities in the country to adopt the new app. It’s already in use in Vancouver, Whistler and Granville, B.C. Police departments in those cities have reported that since the app was introduced, bike theft has decreased by between 30 per cent and 50 per cent.

Ottawa police collaborate to launch bike registry and anti-theft app

Ottawa is among the first major cities outside of British Columbia to adopt the 529 Garage app.

Time to broaden the search for bike-theft solutions

In actual fact, the city’s bike registry is really more of a good idea trapped inside bad execution. The registry is neither popular nor effective and does not get at the heart of the issue. In other words, it does not serve as a deterrent to the tidal wave of bike thefts occurring in this community.

Granville Island rolling out free valet service for cyclists

A joint initiative aimed to put the brakes on bike thefts on Granville Island is set to switch into gear this Saturday, June 1. The program, which includes a free bicycle valet and bike registration service, has helped slash bike thefts in the area by almost one-third since 2015, according to officials.

Delight as Kelowna man's trike is returned thanks to intervention from member of the public

A trike stolen from a Kelowna man with special needs has been returned after a member of the public saw the thief and asked him to give it back.

Project 529, Nice wheels.

Vancouver bike theft is now down an impressive 30 per cent. The program has ballooned to 35 municipalities and more than 100 bicycle shops throughout British Columbia; thefts have dropped a staggering 55 per cent in Whistler and 30 per cent in Richmond in the last year alone. Local bike registration has exceeded 70,000, and the database holds more than 800,000 searchable bikes worldwide.

#EndBikeTheft: Our Action Plan

We're gearing up to tackle a serious problem in 2019. Recovery rates of stolen bikes are abysmal. We hear time and time again that theft is preventing people from riding. The current system isn’t working.

529 Garage App Now Has the Largest Number of Registered Bikes in the World

The app 529 Garage, which debuted nearly three years ago as a joint pilot project by Vancouver police and avid cyclist and former Xbox developer J Allard to combat bike crime, has now become the world’s largest bicycle registration program with more than 800,000 searchable bikes.

Bike registered in Prince George, stolen in Penticton, found in Vancouver

Count Remko Schrik among the believers in 529 Garage. Fast forward to a bit more than a year later and Schrik was visiting his wife's parents in Penticton when they became the victims of a heist on par with something an international jewel thief would pull off.

VPD pilot project credited with 30 per cent drop in bicycle thefts

A joint initiative between the Vancouver Police Department, the City of Vancouver, and Project 529, has resulted in a 30 per cent drop in bike theft. Project 529 was created three years ago to help owners register their bikes. Whistler and Richmond also saw a drop in bike thefts by 55 and 35 per cent last year.

Project 529 helps return almost one stolen bike a day in Vancouver

Luckily, Schrik registered his bike with Project 529. The Vancouver-based program is the largest of its kind in the world with a registry of 800,000 searchable bikes across the globe.

Vancouver recognized as world leader in fighting bike thefts; thefts drop 30% in three years

n addition to Vancouver’s turnaround on bike crime, bike thefts plunged 55 per cent in Whistler and 30 per cent in Richmond in the last year alone. The program has expanded to 35 municipalities and more than 100 bicycle shops throughout the province.

Bike theft reports in Vancouver down 30 per cent in last three years. Police credit online bike registration system Project 529

Launched in Vancouver three years ago, the online bike registration system is being credited with a 30 per cent drop in reported bike thefts in the city. Deputy Police Chief Howard Chow noted at a press conference Monday morning that when the system was first launched in Vancouver, the city was seeing more than 2,000 bikes reported stolen a year and that number was growing by about 20 per cent a year. In the three years prior to its launch, reported bike thefts were up by 69 per cent.

App that slashed Vancouver bike thefts becomes a model for the world

An app developed to combat bike crime is garnering international attention for bringing about a striking and sustained drop in theft. Three years ago, Vancouver police entered a joint pilot project, using the app Project 529 to bring bike shops, community groups and cyclists together on one platform to register, recover and report bikes.

Project 529 helps position Vancouver as world leader in fighting bike theft

Project 529, the app designed to fight bike thefts, and a community approach to fighting bike thefts by the Vancouver police, is making Vancouver a world leader in fighting bike thefts and bikes used in crimes.

Bike thefts in Whistler down 57% this year, police say

“That’s an incredible amount of loss not only to the community, but to individuals,” said Staff Sgt. Paul Hayes. Police have taken a multi-pronged approach towards bike theft in the community. In 2017, Whistler RCMP began working with Garage 529, a bike registration and recovery service launched by former Microsoft executive and avid mountain biker J Allard.

Want to Protect Your Bike From Thieves? Register It

But it's not inevitable that you'll lose your bike. Registering it, as Lifehacker urges, is your best shot at getting your bike back in the event that it's swiped.

Bait Bikes Deployed in Richmond

To better get a handle on bike thieves, Richmond RCMP is deploying bait bikes alongside cutting-edge bike registration and recovery from Project 529.

Granville Island Sees Massive drop in bike Thefts

Vancouver’s premier destination for bike thieves is experiencing a remarkable turnaround. Bike valet service, bait bike program and other efforts contribute to 70 per cent drop in thefts over two-year period

Bike Thefts Down 30 per cent as Project 529 Reaches 22,000 Registrations in Vancouver

Project 529 is a bike registry and recovery program by the Vancouver Police Department which has helped reduce bike theft by 30 percent. Connell said police had seen and noted someone riding the bike in the Downtown Eastside. Police were able to track the bike to Coquitlam and then drop it off to the clinic where he works as a chiropractor in New Westminster.

'Bike theft is not inevitable': Vancouver rolls out a cycle crime revolution

Bike theft is the scourge of cyclists around the world, with riders, manufacturers and the law struggling to coordinate a response. That was until city cop Rob Brunt and Xbox pioneer J Allard devised Project 529.

Anti-Bike Theft Program Returns to Prince George

Since the App was introduced in 2016, numbers have been steadily decreasing. Registering with 529 Garage takes about five minutes and owners are asked to provide essential bike information including ownership details, serial number and photos.

Bike theft in Vancouver drops 30% thanks to new app. Will other Canadian cities catch on?

Vancouver used to be the worst city in Canada to get your bike stolen. But a new anti-theft initiative for cyclists may have changed that. A bike registration app, called Project 529 Garage is taking Vancouver by storm and has now spread to 26 communities across British Columbia, helping decrease bike theft across the province.

The app helping BC police recover stolen bikes

Several years ago, J Allard, Microsoft's former Chief Experience Officer and an avid mountain biker, was gearing up for a trip to Whistler for Crankworx when his custom bike was taken from a secure parking garage at the Seattle high-rise he was living in at the time. With his vacation "ruined," Allard had some time on his hands and sprang into action. He posted dozens of flyers around town and galvanized his extensive network of friends and cycling enthusiasts to keep an eye out for his missing bike. It worked; within six weeks, he had it back.

Nanaimo RCMP promote registration with 529 Garage during Bike to Work and School Week

According to Nanaimo RCMP, most of the bikes that were stolen had cable locks that were cut or had simply been left unlocked. Those were just the bikes that were reported stolen. Often bike thefts go unreported; police know bike theft victims are less likely to report bikes stolen if they can’t provide police descriptive details about their bikes, such as the make, model, serial number and colour, which can help investigators return stolen bikes to their owners when they are found.

UO asks students to use 529 Garage app to report bike thefts

Year after year, bike thefts prove to be the number one crime problem on the University of Oregon campus. To fight back, campus leaders are spreading the word about a bike registration app. The program puts the bike thieves on watch and empowers bicycle owners on campus. Those are the two goals of the 529 Garage program. It takes high-tech bike registration to a new level.

The Ultimate Guide to Ensuring That Your Bike Never Gets Stolen Again

For a nominal fee, Project 529 sells a small sticker that owners place on their bikes to ward off thieves who might recognize that the bike is registered with an anti-theft organization. Currently, Allard and Project 529 work closely with both the police department and bike stores in Vancouver, British Columbia, where, for the first time in a decade, the number of stolen bikes has declined by 20 percent.

Nanaimo woman gets her stolen bike back, thanks to smartphone app

A Nanaimo woman whose mountain bike was stolen during a trip to Kelowna last year has been reunited with her two-wheeler — with help from a smartphone app. Kathy Gonzales was contacted by police after listing her bike on 529 Garage, a website and phone app that allows cyclists to register details and photos of their bikes.

The Group Ride Podcast Episode 3

J Allard from Project 529 joins the show to chat about their service which helps recover stolen bikes. Then I continue with Chapter 2 of my cycling story, followed by a recap of how Zwift can change the way you think about indoor training. Next then we recap Chilly Hilly rides from the past for those considering riding this year.

Bike registry services merge as Project 529 buys National Bike Registry

The online bike registry platform Project 529 has acquired the National Bike Registry and is integrating the two programs, which have nearly 400,000 bikes in their combined registries. The company said the merger will give law enforcement, universities, cyclists and independent bicycle dealers tools to recover and return stolen bikes.

New cycling security program Operation Rudy Aims to Curb Bike Theft on Granville Island

If you’ve ever cycled to Granville Island for a fresh box of Lee’s Donuts, only to return to find your two-wheeler missing from the rack, you’re not alone. In fact, the tourist destination boasts the highest number of reported bike thefts in the city, a statistic that skyrockets during the summer months.

Anti-theft measures cut bike thefts by 60 per cent on Granville Island

The anti-theft program, Operation Rudy, was created by CMHC-Granville Island, Project 529, the City of Vancouver, the Vancouver police, Better Environmentally Sound Transportation (BEST), the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation, and some island businesses. The main focus of the initiative was to provide easy bicycle storage and registration, improve cyclists’ security habits through information and loaner locks, apprehend bicycle thieves through the police’s Bait Bike program and put more bike racks in the open to deter theft.

Thieves be warned: Stolen bike recovery service expanding across B.C.

Online bike recovery service 529 Garage expanding to 20 municipalities across B.C. in the coming year

David and Goliath: How a Tiny Organization is Taking On the Bike Theft Industry

The guy who stole J Allard’s mountain bike picked the wrong guy to knock over. Allard, most famous for co-founding Xbox during his 19 year stint at Microsoft, is not the type to sit back and let the enemy win the game. So when he realized his bike had been unceremoniously ripped out of the back of his truck in a secure parking garage, he went looking for it.

Program keeps bikes safe

Community registration events will launch in mid-September 2019, however until that time, anyone can take their bikes down to the City of Vernon Community Safety unit, locate at 3010 31st Ave., and register and receive the 529 decal for free.

RCMP push 529 Garage app to help return stolen bicycles

“Statistics say that more than half of all bicycle riders will have a bicycle stolen some time over their lifetime,” says Shelkie, “so there’s a good chance that your bicycle could be stolen.”

St. Thomas city police launch bicycle registry

The St. Thomas city police have launched a bicycle registry in an effort to curb theft and return stolen bicycles to their owners.

6 things every Peterborough cyclist should

Bike thieves are an unfortunate reality, so it’s best to prepare in the event your ride is stolen. One of the ways the city recommends you prepare is by registering your bike with 529 Garage, a social network for people to find stolen bicycles.

Home News Port Moody police launch bike registration program to reduce theft

Port Moody police are hoping a little black and yellow sticker will help cut down on bike theft in the city — and may even have a domino effect on other petty property crime.

Outspoken Cyclist - Show #396

We talk with J. Allard from Project 529. In our conversation, J. goes into detail about what happens when your bike goes missing and how, with the help of his free app 529Garage, you can add your bike to the registry and get help from the vast community of law enforcement as well as other riders if your bike is stolen.

New 529 Garage project hopes to decrease bike thefts in Vancouver

More than 2,000 bicycles are reported stolen every year in Vancouver and a new project is looking to make a dent in that number. Vancouver Police, the Vancouver Police Foundation and the City of Vancouver are partnering with Project 529; which developed a Vancouver bike registry called the 529 Garage.

Bike Stolen? There's an App for That

But now, there's an app for that. Here at Project 529 we aim to put the brakes on the stolen bike market through an innovative registration and recovery service called the 529 Garage. Although it won't prevent your bike from being stolen, the 529 Garage allows riders to record the information necessary to file thorough and quick police reports and insurance claims in the event of theft. It also plugs you into an extensive network of like minds and kindred spirits—people who ride and who can't stand bike thieves.

Project 529 Debuts Anti-Bike Theft App at Sea Otter

One company making its debut at Sea Otter was Project 529, a software and Smartphone app development startup founded by J Allard, a former software engineer for Microsoft. The company’s first product is an app called 529 Garage, a free service that aims to quell bicycle thievery.

529 Garage Bike Registry

Developed in conjunction with several law enforcement agencies, the 529 Garage allows you to easily and securely register your bike in just minutes, complete with images and all the necessary details law enforcement requires to expedite the recovery process. Beyond this detailed registration, the 529 Garage includes the ability to broadcast a “Missing Bike Bulletin” to all members in the area should a member’s bike get stolen.

BIKE: Project 529 Declares War on Bike Theft at Sea Otter Classic

Earlier this month, at the world’s largest bicycle festival, Cyclists were encouraged to join the war on bike theft by signing the online petition at www.project529.com. The aim of the petition is to demand that Craigslist and eBay require serial numbers on all bikes for sale on their sites – the same way these sites require VIN numbers for automobile listings.

Register your bike with Project 529

Every 30 seconds, a bike is stolen in the US. Bicycle theft is a problem. In order to help address this issue, the Bicycle Transportation Alliance has partnered with Portland-based company Project 529 to promote bicycle registration through our Bike Commute Challenge.

Corvallis police crack down on bike thefts with months-long initiative

Traditional registration involves visiting public safety offices and filling out forms. But the 529 Garage app allows cyclists to capture critical details of a bicycle through their smartphones or at www.project529.com, so that in the event of a theft, victims can immediately alert police or other cyclists on social networks, Anderson said.

For Portland startup Project 529, fighting bike theft is just the beginning

nstead, he said Project 529 is starting with a social mission — pitting mobile tech against bike theft — and “seeing where it goes from there.” The company developed its free anti-theft app’s features with input from the Portland Police Bureau and Portland State University security, among other law enforcement agencies.

Kamloops RCMP Encourage Cyclist to Register Their Bikes

“529 is a community-based registration and recovery initiative already wildly in use in the lower mainland and USA Pacific Northwest,” said Cpl. Jodi Shelkie in a press release. “A free phone app enables the user to register their bike online with photos, make, model, and serial number.”

Vancouver Police anti-bike theft program recognized by World Bank

A Vancouver pilot project focused on tackling bike theft, both in the city and beyond its borders, is attracting international attention. With local bicycle registrations surpassing 70,000, the joint initiative of the Vancouver Police Department, City of Vancouver and Project 529 has resulted in a 30% drop in bike theft. These results have drawn attention from the World Bank as it looks to emulate the success and improve bike security in developing countries.

There’s more to policing than just nabbing crooks

Police held seven events encouraging people to register their bikes through Project 529 Garage. More than 3,000 bikes are now registered and 25 were recovered and returned to their owners.

Abbotsford Police partner with registry to reunite stolen bikes with owners

MacDonald said individuals can protect their bikes by registering with 529 Garage, affixing a 529 Garage decal to their bikes to discourage thieves, and safely storing or locking up their bikes. “In the event your registered bike goes missing, you’ll have everything you need to advise the police and significantly increase the likelihood of your recovered bike being returned to you,” MacDonald said.

Bike thefts in Vancouver down 30% thanks to Project 529 registry, police say

Success of U.S. database is helping Vancouver become a world leader in fighting bike crime, according to VPD.

Former PG resident sees stolen bike recovered by VPD after using 529 Garage app

t was located in the Downtown Eastside neighborhood, and while he’s happy to get his bike back, Schrik is unaware of its current condition after not riding it since August. Schrik says he would not have gotten his bike back without using the app and encourages all bike riders to sign up.

The Strategist - National security wrap

Bicycle thefts in Vancouver reached such epic proportions three years ago that policeman Rob Brunt brought a bike registration app called Project 529 to the city to recover stolen bikes before they could be sold on what was, reportedly, a billion-dollar black market. Project 529 now has 800,000 bicycles registered on its database. Bike thefts have decreased by 55% in Whistler and by 30% in Vancouver.

Police credit online bike registration system Project 529


Bike registration project sees drop in bike thefts

A Vancouver pilot project focused on cutting bike crime has resulted in a 30 per cent drop in bike thefts. The project is the joint initiative of the Vancouver Police Department (VPD), City of Vancouver and Project 529.

Former Prince George resident sees stolen bike recovered by Vancouver Police after using 529 Garage

“We were in Penticton and the bikes were stolen including the bike rack, they cut the rack right off the back of the vehicle with the chain and everything still attached and about a week ago I was notified by the Vancouver police that they had found my bike.”

Bike-registration project sees dramatic drop in bike theft in Vancouver

Additionally, with less police dispatched to the streets and budgets stretched, the chance of bike theft dropping in the UK any time soon is unlikely. That is unless it adopts the approach of Vancouver, across the Atlantic in Canada. Through a joint initiative run by the Vancouver Police Department, City of Vancouver and Project 529, bike theft has reduced by 30% in the last three years thanks to the development of the world's largest bicycle registratio

Project 529 helps position Vancouver as world leader in fighting bike theft

The global 529 Garage app and web-based database is searchable and shared by police forces. As a result, hundreds of bicycles are being recovered – and returned to their owners – at times across international borders. Last week, for example, a mountain bike that was registered in Prince George and stolen in Penticton was recovered in Vancouvers Downtown Eastside. Since the registration program has begun, Vancouver bicycles have been recovered as far away as Portland, Oregan and San Francisco, California.

Bike thefts in Vancouver down 30% thanks to Project 529 registry, police say

Success of database is helping city become a world leader in fighting bike crime

Project 529 helps position Vancouver as world leader in fighting bike theft

“What we really liked about the Vancouver approach was how holistic it was, and involved a lot of players,” he said, citing the involvement of bicycle stores and the Granville Island experience that involved local businesses and community groups. “It wasn’t just a single approach. They were using multiple routes to having a positive impact.

App Helps Vancouver Police Cut Bike Thefts

Video highlights from the Vancouver bike theft press conference

Rash of bike thefts has east-end Toronto residents concerned

“I think Toronto’s registration system could be made a lot more user friendly,” Liz Sutherland, Cycle Toronto's director said. She gave an example of a system – known as the Project 529 – that’s being used in cities like Vancouver, which helped decrease bike thefts there by 30 to 35 per cent. In addition to allowing owners to upload pictures of the their bikes, the app-based system is also “tied to other databases in other municipalities,” allowing them to track their bikes across cities.

Stats show declining bike thefts in Vancouver

Due to bike registration and recovery initiatives such as Project 529, bicycle thefts in Vancouver show a drop for the fourth year in a row according to police statistics. More cyclists are registering their bikes with Project 529.

Portland police busts bike chop shop, recover handfuls of bicycles

Sanders flipped over bikes and entered the serial number into a public phone application called Project 529 to determine if the bikes are registered and reported stolen. "It's a deterrent if they know that this bike is registered and reported as stolen," Sanders said. "It loses its value in the secondhand market."

Meet Project 529: A bike security software startup led by Xbox co-founder J Allard

Allard, who left Microsoft in 2010 after 19 years at the tech giant, is CEO of a Portland-based company called Project 529 that’s trying to solve the growing bike theft problem with a mobile registration database solution. project529screenshotAllard was inspired to build Project 529 after a thief snatched his custom-built, tricked-out ride three years ago. It took 73 days for Allard to get his bike back — an experience that still frustrates him to this day.

Bicycle security startup Project 529, led by former Xbox exec J Allard, acquires National Bike Registry

Project 529, the Seattle-based startup that aims to curb what it calls an epidemic of bicycle theft in North America, announced Tuesday that it was acquiring and integrating the National Bike Registry with its service.

Guelph police launch bike registry program as theft stats show spike

With Project 529, registered bikes can now be easily tracked and returned to rightful owners, police say.

Granville Island bike thefts Plummet by 70%

The number of bike thefts at Granville Island have fallen by 70% over the last two years. According to Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, the federal crown corporation that manages the arts hub and tourist attraction, new initiatives designed to reduce bike thefts since 2016 have resulted in a steep reduction of reported bike thefts over the busy summer months.

Bike theft on Granville Island reduced dramatically thanks to community efforts

The flip side to the popularity of Granville Island, a globally-renowned entertainment and tourism destination on the waters of Vancouver’s False Creek, is that such popularity isn’t lost on thieves, either—particularly bike thieves. According to Metro News, however, that’s happily not the case in 2017. From 120 bikes stolen in 2015 to fewer than 40 this year.

Someone’s Stolen Your Bike. Hope You’ve Done This to help Police get it Back

The 529 Garage program allows police to use its app to pull up a picture of the bicycle and its owner, along with the serial number and contact information for the owner, regardless of whether it’s been reported stolen. “I think we could make more arrests and recover more bikes with that tool for sure, with the ultimate goal being deterring future bike theft,” Johnson said.

Oceanside RCMP Register Bikes to Deter Thieves

The local detachment is now partnering with Oceanside Community Safety volunteers to help bicycle owners protect their property by encouraging owners to register their bikes. It will take only five minutes and it will help your protect owners’ bicycles from theft. A 529 Garage decal will be provided and will serve as a deterrent against thieves, RCMP say, as they would know the bicycle is listed in the bike registry.

Life gets tougher for bike thieves in Delta, B.C.

Delta B.C. is the latest municipality in the province to team up with a smartphone app designed to help police identify and recover stolen bicycles. On Saturday, the Delta Police Department launched its partnership with 529 Garage — a bike reporting and recovery network.

Bike Theft on the Rise in Venice

“The arrests we have made are because the bikes were extremely unique, extremely valuable and the victims had pictures and were very vigilant in giving us the information,” Detective Goddard said. “It is really hard to try to recover these bikes if you do not have that information.”

Parksville Qualicum Beach residents can register bikes

Oceanside Community Safety Volunteers and the Oceanside RCMP are once again offering free bicycle registrations using the 529 Garage application. The 529 Garage is a free bicycle registration, reporting and recovery service application. The registration helps bicycle owners capture detailed information about their bicycles, and then secures the information.

Kamloops Embracing Bike to Work and School Week

As part of the Bike to Work Week celebration stations, the RCMP is out, helping people protect their bikes with the 529 Garage app.

Put Your Bike on Lockdown

As Bike to Work Week continues, riders are encouraged to register their rides with Project 529 Garage. The good news is, bike theft in Kelowna is down by 26.8 per cent so far this year compared to a few years ago.

Bike thefts are down in Kelowna this year

Bike thefts are down, but the City of Kelowna is still encouraging cyclists to take extra measures to keep their property safe. There have been 115 bikes reported stolen in Kelowna since the start of the calendar year, down 26.8% from the 157 reported stolen in the same period of 2015.

Bike theft prevention pilot program coming to north campus

The University of Alberta is partnering with the city to launch a new bike theft prevention pilot program that, if successful, could eventually roll onto other Edmonton streets. The university and Edmonton’s Neighbourhood Empowerment Team today launched U-Cycle, which promotes cycling to and from campus. The program also takes aim at bike thefts by promoting good locking practices and registering bikes through Project 529 Garage—the largest online bike registry in North America.

Register your bike with app to get it back wheelie fast if stolen

Bike thefts at the University of Alberta have more than doubled in the past four years, from 29 in 2012 to 72 in 2016. That’s why Marciniuk and other city staff spent Tuesday on campus trying to convince students to lock their bikes and register them with Project 529 Garage, an app to help reunite cyclists with their stolen ride.

University of Alberta launches bike theft prevention program


Online registry hopes to reunite owners with their stolen bikes

Bicycle theft is a big problem on the University of Alberta campus. Over the last four years, protective services has seen a 248-per cent spike in bike thefts on north campus. So far in 2017, 16 bicycles have been reported stolen.

Ending bike theft

Penticton RCMP officers and volunteers shared information and registered bikes at the kick off for a new anti bike theft program Saturday in Penticton.

VPD Launch Bike Registry Program to Recover Stolen Rides

The Vancouver Bike Registration is a project between the VPD, the City of Vancouver and 529 Garage, an American-based registry that has recovered $15 million worth of bikes since its launch last year. Bike owners can register their bikes before they’re stolen, making the possibility of recovery much greater.

VPD Throws A Wrench Into the Spokes of Bike Thieves

Each year in Vancouver, over 2,000 bicycles are reported stolen. Almost as many bikes are recovered by police, ending up in the VPD Property Office, where our officers painstakingly work to reconnect the bikes with their owners. Unfortunately, police are only able to return roughly 10 per cent of the recovered bikes to their owners, as the bikes’ serial numbers and descriptions weren’t properly recorded.

ABUS partners with Portland’s Project 529

Germany’s ABUS Mobile Security and Portland, Oregon’s Project 529—a cycling software startup—are joining forces to combat the growing epidemic of stolen bicycles with their new 529 Garage platform.

529 Garage: Crowd-Connected Bike Security for the Modern Rider

Stolen bike registries have been around since the early days of the Internet (which explains why so many look like they were designed in 1998) but most offer little more than a registration form and reassuring words. The 529 Garage, however, takes the venerable bike database model and gives it a shot of 21st century technology.

Kelowna RCMP form partnership with 529 Garage to prevent bike theft

How does it work? Like any app, the user downloads it onto their phone and then registers their bicycle onto the app’s database. The app takes no personal information other than the owners first name and email address.

Bike registry gains West Vancouver police support

West Vancouver cyclists worried about thieves snatching their spokes can now store their bike in the safety of an online database. The West Vancouver Police Department recently joined 529 Garage, an app, website and registration system intended to align police, cyclists, universities and bike shops in an effort to weed out theft and recover stolen bikes.

Project 529 Garage reunites stolen bikes with rightful owners in Surrey

Surrey RCMP have partnered with an online bike registration and recovery service to help reduce bike theft in the city of Surrey and return recovered bikes to their rightful owners. Project 529 Garage is a website and phone app that allows cyclists to easily and securely register their bikes online.

Prince George RCMP Battling Bike Theft With New App

The Prince George RCMP are signing on with an online project to battle bicycle theft in the city. In the first five months of 2016, there has been a 83% increase in reported bike theft compared to the same time in 2013. Stats Canada believes just one in four stolen bikes are actually reported, the Vancouver Police Department estimates that number is even lower; one in eight.

App Creator Aims to Halt Bike Theft

One man is so angry someone stole his bike he’s vowed cut bike theft in North America by half within 10 years. To do it he’s created 529 Garage, a free smartphone app that lets cyclists register bikes, complete with bike descriptions, photos and serial numbers, for free, so they can instantly alert cycling communities and police in multiple municipalities if their bikes are stolen.

The Best Way to Curb Bike Thefts? Community

Bay Area Bikes, law enforcement, and Project 529 highlight the effective, community-driven approaches to thwarting bike thieves.

New app to help recover stolen bikes functions like Amber Alert

It's a mobile app that can function like an Amber Alert for stolen bikes. Users will register their bikes, complete with photos and descriptions, and hope they never get stolen. But if someone does become a victim they can immediately send out an alert to all other users of the app in the same area.

SF bike registry helps man retrieve stolen wheels, but it wasn’t easy

Aaron Clayton-Dunn, 23, who bikes regularly in The City on weekends, recently left his new $800 Specialized brand bicycle at the Caltrain station at Fourth and King streets. He secured everything—the frame, front wheel and seat -- but when he returned the next evening it was gone.

The Day He Found His Stolen Bike

The search for my bike highlights the underside of e-commerce: The same technology that lets us efficiently buy and sell used goods is also an efficient way to unload stolen property. Policing the online marketplace for stolen goods can be a Sisyphean task.