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529 Garage for Cities and Law Enforcement
Cities that actively use 529 Garage have seen up to a 40% decline in bike theft.
How much does bike theft cost your community?
Bike theft costs your community more than the cost of a bike. Find out how much we think the impact to your community is with our calculator.

How we help Cities, Police and Transit Services

On the street searches

Give your officers the ability to search 3,092,856 bike registrations 24x7, and from any location with the 529 Police app, and help them return a bike before the owner even knows it's stolen.

The power of the shield

529 Shields not only make it easier to look up a bike to locate its owner, but also act as a deterrent to thieves like a security system sticker in a home window.

Global service

Criminals don’t recognise borders so why should your digital bike registrations and recovery system? Our service lets you easily search across geo-boundries, in multiple languages.

Register bikes for your community

Use our dedicated app on smartphones or tablets to host registration events for your community. The 529 Garage makes it simple to enlist an army of volunteers to help get community bikes registered, fast. You can also easily register impounded bikes when they are returned to their rightful owner (or auctioned/donated).

Your own branded registry

Get all the power of a global registration service, but with a local face. There's no programming required to customize your own, branded registration page with important tips about bike security in your area. You can even embed a registration form directly on your organization's website.


Track the number and quality of registrations in your area, and how your team members are using the service, to measure your progress.

Less searching, more finding

Is your property room filling up with bikes? Help get them back to their rightful owners with our property room bike management system. Just add info for the bikes you've impounded, and we'll automatically search all of the bikes registered with us (and other registries, like Bike Index) for potential matches, so you don't have to. Our service keeps searching every day in the event the bike is registered after it's been impounded.

Publish your impounded bikes with ease

To get the word out to your community about impounded bikes, just click Publish, and we'll post a searchable, shareable Bike Found poster to our site, and let bike owners do the matching for you. Our service filters inquiries to ensure that all required information (such as a police report case # or serial number) is completed, minimizing false alarms that might burden your department.

Cross-agency forum

Our forum lets you share your registration and recovery tips with other agencies, and is a great place to learn best practices.

World-class support

We pride ourselves on the support that we provide your agency, whether it's help getting a bike back to the owner, helping your agency utilize the service, or just answering bike related questions for you. We're here every day for you to make sure you are successful fighting bike theft in your community.
Our annual subscription fee which includes access to our full suite of features for your organization is right-sized for your community, and typically runs less than a nickel per resident.

Price estimate

A 2015 Brown Asama Fastlane was recovered on 12/23/2024 A 2017 Black Marin Lombard was recovered on 03/01/2024 A Vanhawks Valour was recovered on 02/29/2024 A 2006 Black Specialized Big Hit was recovered on 02/29/2024 A Black Hyper Bicycles Havoc was recovered on 02/26/2024 A Black Merinda E Big Nine 300 Se Neq was recovered on 02/26/2024 A 2018 Purple Specialized S Works Epic Xx1 Eagl... was recovered on 02/25/2024 A Purple Diamondback Odyssey was recovered on 02/23/2024 A Black Specialized Tricross was recovered on 02/21/2024 A Gray Forbidden Bikes Druid V1 was recovered on 02/21/2024 A White Rad Power Bikes Radwagon was recovered on 02/21/2024 A 2021 Black Rad Power Bikes Rad Wagon Electric ... was recovered on 02/20/2024 A Brown Orbea Optima was recovered on 02/19/2024 A 2024 White Specialized Crux Pro was recovered on 02/18/2024 A 2021 Gray Rad Power Bikes Rad Rover 6 Plus was recovered on 02/18/2024 A Black Trek Roscoe 7 was recovered on 02/17/2024 A Beige Et Cycle Et1000 was recovered on 02/16/2024 A 2022 Blue Giant Explore +2 was recovered on 02/16/2024 A Black Nakamura Caen was recovered on 02/16/2024 A 2021 Purple Giant 21 Contend Ar 2 Xl Rosewood was recovered on 02/15/2024 by Vancouver Police Department A White 6 Ku Urban Track was recovered on 02/14/2024 A Blue Diamondback Response was recovered on 02/13/2024 A Gray Ridr Advance was recovered on 02/12/2024 A Blue State Bicycle Co Rigby was recovered on 02/11/2024 A Gray Supercycle Solaris was recovered on 02/11/2024 A Black Nakamuea Royal 700 was recovered on 02/09/2024 A Black Igo Electric Bike was recovered on 02/08/2024 A 2015 Black Giant Anthem Xc was recovered on 02/08/2024 by Vancouver Police Department A Black Knolly Bikes Endorphin was recovered on 02/07/2024 A Black Scott Contessa Speedster 15 was recovered on 02/06/2024 A Black Specialized Crosstrail was recovered on 02/06/2024 by Vancouver Police Department A Norco Monterey was recovered on 02/06/2024 by Vancouver Police Department A Black Wattwheels Bighorn Ls was recovered on 02/06/2024 A 2019 Black Rad Power Bikes Rad Runner 1 was recovered on 02/05/2024 A White Specialized Jynx was recovered on 02/05/2024 A Gray Specialized Sirrus was recovered on 02/05/2024 A Green Pure Cycles Unknown was recovered on 02/03/2024 A 2023 Black Marin San Quentin 2 was recovered on 02/03/2024 A 2011 Blue Trek 7.3 Fx was recovered on 02/02/2024 A 2020 Blue Giant Intrigue was recovered on 02/02/2024 A Black Rad Power Bikes Rad Runner 2 was recovered on 02/02/2024 A Blue Townie Electra Go 7 D was recovered on 02/01/2024
Proven Results
In the fall of 2015, Vancouver, BC embraced 529 Garage, and got the whole community engaged! The result? A 30% decrease in bike theft in the first 2 years of using the 529 Garage service with a continuing downward trend. Bikes are being returned to their owners almost every day.

Like the bike that was returned to Roberta from Vernon, BC.

Roberta and her 72 year old mom were camping 20 minutes outside of town when thieves broke into her car and ransacked it overnight, taking her insurance papers and garage door opener. With those, they found her home and broke into the garage, stealing two bikes worth about $16,000 each.

Roberta cut her camping trip short and returned home the next morning, only to find the bikes and other property missing. She started an alert on 529 Garage and filed a police report.

A few days later, she received a tip from the 529 Garage that her bikes were listed on Facebook Marketplace. Within a few hours of talking to our VPD contact, the thief was in custody, and one of her bikes and stolen belongings were returned!

Fewer bikes stolen. More bikes returned. That's the impact of the 529 Garage.