529 garage law enforcement edition

Manage and return recovered bikes

On the street searches

Take your bike-lookup to the streets with our mobile-friendly dashboard that gives your officers the ability to look up reported and registered bikes from thier smartphone browser. Even search for bikes via SMS!

Find owners of recovered bikes

Is your property room filling up with bikes? Help get them back to their rightful owners with our property room bike management system. Just add the bikes you've recovered, and we'll automatically search all of the stolen and non-stolen bikes registered with us (and other registries, like Bike Index) for potential matches, so you don't have to. Our service keeps searching, in the event the bike is registered after the fact.

Publish your recovered bikes with ease

When your bikes are ready to return, just click Publish, and we'll post a searchable Bike Found poster to our site, and to popular social media, and let bike owner's do the matching for you. Our service filters inqueries to ensure that all required information (such as a police report case # or serial number) is completed, minimizing false alarms that might burden your department.

Register bikes for your community

Easily register recovered bikes when they are returned to their rightful owner (or auctioned off). You can also use our app to quickly register bikes for your community.