Register your bike

Quickly capture all the important information about your bike. Keep photos too!

Shield your bike

Our tamper-resistant 529 Shield acts as a deterrent, warning would-be thieves to keep their paws off your bike, and making it easier to find you if your bike is recovered.

Enlist the community

If your bike is stolen, set an alert to let the security team and other bike owners at Abbotsford Police know.


Love your bike? Keep it safe.

Abbotsford Police Bike Registration

How it Works

Your Contact Information

Contact information is used to help law enforcement return your bike.

Your Bike Information


How to Report a Bike Theft

If your bike has been stolen, it's important to report it to the Abbotsford PD. This helps our community understand the scope of the problem, as well as makes it easier to interrupt criminal behaviour.

Step 1

Start an alert on your bike on the 529 Garage website or app.
If your bike isn't registered, register it first with all the information that you have about your bike, and then start the alert.

Your Garage

Step 2

Contact our non-emergency contact information below:

Website: File a report online
Call 604-859-5225
Visit: 105-34194 Marshall Road Abbotsford, B.C. V2S 5E4

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