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By registering your bike with Canterbury Police & Christchurch City Council, you allow them to view your contact information. In most cases, you would only be contacted by Canterbury Police & Christchurch City Council if there is a question about your bike, registration or alert, or if your bike was found. You can also update these permissions in your user settings at any time.

Your Bike Information

Rikonda Electric Bikes
85 Clarence St, Riccarton

Pushbikes St Martins
3/92 Wilsons Rd, St Martins

Natural High
690A Harewood Road, Harewood

Hub Cycles
Shop 6, Tower Junction, Whiteleigh Ave, Addington

Evo Cycles Tower Junction
7C Mandeville St, Riccarton

E-Mega Store
6/484 Cranford St, Redwood

Electrify NZ Christchurch
79 Lichfield St, Christchurch Central

Cycle Trading Co.
23 Elgin Street, Sydenham

Christchurch Electric Bicycles
2-4 Beckford Rd, St Martins

Awly Building, 287 Durham St, Christchurch Central

Around Again Cycles
620 Ferry Rd, Woolston

Action Bicycle Club
8 Walker St, Christchurch Central

99 Bikes Moorhouse
460a Moorhouse Ave, Waltham

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