Love your bike? Keep it safe.

University of British Columbia Vancouver Bike Registration

Don't forget to pick up your free tamper-resistant theft deterrent shield at one of our four locations on UBC Vancouver campus.

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Your Contact Information

By registering your bike with University of British Columbia Vancouver, you allow them to view your contact information. In most cases, you would only be contacted by University of British Columbia Vancouver if there is a question about your bike, registration or alert, or if your bike was found. You can also update these permissions in your user settings at any time.

Your Bike Information

Why add the shield to your registration? The 529 shield acts as a theft-deterrent and increases the chance of getting your bike back if it's stolen. UBC Campus + Community Planning provides UBC community members with a free shield (a $10 value) once your bike is registered in the UBC garage.

Wesbrook Community Centre
3335 Webber Lane

UBC Security
2133 East Mall

Old Barn Community Centre
6308 Thunderbird Blvd

Bike Kitchen
Room 36, 6138 Student Union Blvd.

Acadia Park
2707 Tennis Crescent

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