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Washington University in St. Louis Bike Registration

Your Contact Information

By registering your bike with Washington University in St. Louis, you allow them to view your contact information. In most cases, you would only be contacted by Washington University in St. Louis if there is a question about your bike, registration or alert, or if your bike was found. You can also update these permissions in your user settings at any time.

Your Bike or Scooter Information

Bike registration is free and available to DANFORTH students, faculty and staff only. Campus Mail Stop Codes (MSCs) are ONLY numbers, not building names or street addresses, and have replaced the use of Campus Boxes/CBs. If selecting USPS to your home, please provide your FULL ADDRESS to ensure you receive your sticker. Due to Covid-19, we have suspended in-person pick-up options. Instead, you can have it sent through WashU campus mail to your MSC or to your home address via USPS.

ON-CAMPUS Mail Stop Code (MSC followed by only numbers, NOT street name, building, etc.)
To learn about Mail Stop Codes, please visit the Mail Services page and select the Staff & Faculty or Student tab.


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